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    Exporters of Phlogopite Mica from Sri Lanka
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Who we are

We are exporters of Phlogopite Mica from Sri Lanka with over 40 years of experience


Mica processing plant including drying system. Established mica powdering facility capable of producing mesh sizes of 60, 80, 100, 200 and 325.


Phlogopite mica scrap and powder.


The main reason for Damsila Resources to be an Industry leader in phlogopite mica exports from Sri Lanka is due to its commitment in developing infrastructure and human resource in Sri Lanka.

Quality policies

We adhere to highest standards of quality and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Our Products

Great things comes with understanding customer needs

Phlogopite Mica Powder Physical Data

Size Sand Content
Fe Content
Moisture Content
(% by mass)
60 Mesh (250 µm) < 0.6 < 30 < 0.5
80 Mesh (180 µm) < 0.6 < 30 < 0.5
100 Mesh (149 µm) < 0.6 < 30 < 0.5
200 Mesh (74 µm) < 0.6 < 40 < 0.5
325 Mesh (44 µm) < 0.6 < 40 < 0.5

Main Chemical Composition

Constituent Content Constituent Content
SiO2 38.99% FeO 4.78%
Al2O3 15.50% CaO 0.61%
K2O 7.22% TiO2 1.16%
Fe2O3 1.57% Na2O 0.54%
MgO 28.60% MnO 0.03%

About the Company

Exporters of Phlogopite Mica from Sri Lanka


"Our vision is to transform Earth’s mineral RESERVES useful building blocks of modern civilisation while conserving and rehabilitating the areas we explore, to make the Earth a better place. "

Damsila Resources (Pvt.) Ltd. is a family owned mining and mineral export company. Prior to being registered as Damsila Resources (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Arthur Dalpatadu, the Father of the current Managing Director of our company was the pioneer exporter of phlogopite mica and other minerals from Sri Lanka since 1969. He was the founder and Chairman of Krishna Mining Company (Ceylon) Ltd. Currently, Damsila Resources supplies mica scrap in various sizes and phlogopite mica powder with various mesh sizes to the international market.

What we do

Damsila focuses on the resources industry in Sri Lanka. The company’s main office is in Colombo. Regional offices and main processing centres are in the Matale District. Our main interest lies in mining and export of phlogopite mica from Sri Lanka under semi processed and powder form. The main mine is in Atipola in the Matale District and the other mines are in Badulla, Anuradhapura and Kandy Districts. The main processing centre is located at Palapathwela in the Matale.

We have the distinction of being the premier mica mining and export Company in Sri Lanka. We own and operates the only fully developed mica mine within Sri Lanka. Our products are exported to Japan, China, Germany and India. Approximately 90% of phlogopite mica exported from Sri Lanka is through our company. At present about 65% of phlogopite mica product is sent to Japan. We have longstanding relationships with many of our customers who have trusted us over the years for the quality and timely delivery of our products.

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